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Friday, January 27, 2017

The Murder Wall. Mari Hannah. Pan Books (2012)

An enjoyable police procedural. Detective Inspector Kate Daniels is assigned as the sole Senior Investigation Officer in a murder case in Newcastle, a clear declaration of confidence in her by her management. When she visits the scene she realises that she has a connection to the case and chooses to hide it, at the same time she is deeply concerned about an unsolved double murder eleven months previously. DCI Daniels finds that boss is taking a more active than anticipated or welcomed interest in the investigation and the problem of her concealed connection to the victim become increasingly problematic. Other murders are committed by a very determined killer, the connections slowly emerge and the conclusion is very well set up.
The plot mechanics and the structure of the story are very well done, the narrative is split across the cast including the killer and the reveals are very well set up. The killer has a very well laid out plan, matured over time and they are meticulous about executing it. The reasons that the investigation lags behind the killer is entirely convincing, when it gains a focus they respond with force and thoroughness.
The weakness in the story is the failure, principally by the lead character, to engage the sympathy of the reader.  I enjoyed the story, I was never involved in it at any personal level as I did not feel invited into by the cast. They are all very well drawn, they interacted with each other credibly and their motivations were clear and understandable. I simply did not care enough about them, the plot carried me along, I really did want to see how it would be resolved. I did not feel the emotional context for the story.
Sometimes I just do not catch a book, I can admire it without liking it. I am sure that other readers will catch it and I hope that they do.

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