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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Puppet.Kim Roberts (Writer). Braden Hallett (Art & Letters). WP Comics (2017)

A sharp and satisfying nasty little story that uses compression to great effect. Jack runs a comedy club and his wife is planning on killing him top get the insurance money. Jack is a ventriloquist and has a puppet called Alice which he inherited from his sister. The plan does not go as expected.
The stunning cover by Braden Hallett sets the tone for the story with precise care and detail.
Kim Roberts has superbly used the compressed space, there is a lot of story, it never feels rushed or squashed, the relevant details are all present with enough room to allow them breathe. This is very impressive writing, the story is set up very effectively, the context provided and the action is launched without ever feeling rushed.
Braden Hallett's art is a pleasure to read, the panels are used to control the pace of the story with care and a lot of information is delivered without clutter or distraction. The cast are powerfully expressive, the faces and body language are clear and subtle. Each member of the cast stands out as an individual, when trouble arrives it has a real impact.
The colours are used to amplify the emotional tones of the panels and the shifting story beats, when they have to be loud they are shouting, giving the action a strong focus and context. The lettering is clear and natural, easy to ready and unobtrusive. The sound effects are every bit as obtrusive as they should be.
A short comic that embraces the form to deliver a smart story with outsize impact.
Chief Wizard Note: This is a review copy very kindly sent by Kim Roberts, to purchase a copy of Puppet, which you should to see how talent and craft can put a big story into a small space without loosing anything, you can purchase it here,

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