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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Shadow Strikes 11. "Out of the Past". DC Comics. August 1990

This very enjoyable story from the creative team of Gerard Jones (writer), Ron Wagner (pencils), Stan Drake & Frank Springer (inks), Willie Schubert (letters) and Anthony Tollin (colours) is example of a creative team really combining well to deliver an excellent comic. The story is principally about Margo Lane, one of The Shadow's agents, she is attacked in the street and later meets with a man from her past demanding money. It is revealed that her late husband had been a stockbroker who embezzled his firm's money and committed suicide. His business partner, now out of jail wants the money and is pursuing Margo to get it. The Shadow intervenes to protect his agent and there is a sharp climax.
Within that framework Gerard Jones manages to show the reader something more about the Shadow and his relationship with his agents. He gives us a revealing interplay between Harry Vincent and Margo and some more background about Margo. Most of all he gives Margo Lane centre stage as a tough, resourceful woman who emerges as a three dimensional character in her own right.The art is splendid, the cast are all drawn with expressive faces and body language, they are nicely placed within their physical context and the details of each scene are telling and add to the weight of the story. The colouring is distinct and very effective, the scene at night in the street when Margo is assaulted is nicely lit. The lettering is unobtrusively effective and varied. A very smart and well crafted comic.

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