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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Amy MacDonald. This is the Life. Melodramatic Records Ltd. (2007)

This a very nice collection of songs by a talented singer/songwriter. Amy MacDonald avoids the cliches of a female singer/songwriter, the music is neither introspective nor overly concerned with romantic failure. The songs are nicely varied and sung with considerable energy. The range is nice too, they mix up nicely with the production giving a necessary weight to the music as much as the singing.
Amy MacDonald's voices is very pleasant without being outstanding, she has talent and sings with expressiveness and has a willingness to push herself. There is enough of a distinctive personality infused in her singing for it to stand out and it lifts the songs. None of the songs are really memorable in their own right except the first one, Mr Rock & Roll which has a nice bite and the production gives it setting and force. The rest of the songs are good, they easily bear repeated listening, they not have quite the same sparkle. The music is strong throughout, the playing is clear and focused, it surrounds and supports her singing very well. Amy MacDonald is a talented song writer and the collection is well worth listening to.

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