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Friday, April 7, 2017

Ghostly Tides: The Curse of Witch Island (Kickstarter). Kim Roberts, Chris Allen, Denis Pacher . Swamp Line Productions

Swamp Line Productions are running a Kickstarter campaign  for a pirate comic, Ghostly Tides: The Curse of Witch Island. Finn, having failed in the annual pirate trials is open to the suggestion of a witch that he travel to witch island to meet up with the greatest, most fearsome pirate in history The Black Pirate. It is fair to assume that this will not end well for Finn. The sample pages posted on Kickstarter show that the creative team are bringing all the required energy, smart detail, humour needed to make a pirate story.

The cast are full of energy, they are wildly expressive as they should be, this is high order melodrama everything needs to be at full blast. The decorative details in the art are a pleasure and add greatly to the story. The balance, hard to achieve between charm and genuine threat has already been established, the Black Pirate is no lightweight.  The project captures the possibilities of pirate comics with flair, since I would like to see the whole story I am backing this project, a visit to the Ghostly Tides: The Curse of Witch Island Kickstarter page will demonstrate why.

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