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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Reapers Issue 3. JoJo King (Writer), Adrian( (Art, Letters).Insane Comics (2017)

Engaging and very enjoyable issue as the story continues to unfold  and the pressure progessivly mounts on the cast. Mary and Violet have died and met with Victor who has offered them them a post life opportunity that very rapidly became dangerous when Violet returned to her home and was attacked by the man she lived with. Mary rescued her while Victor became the sole survivor of the Reapers when they are attacked.  Victor reveals that the creature that attacked Violet has much larger plans and that both Mary and Violet will be needed to fight. For Mary the ties of the past prove to be powerful and lead to significant trouble, meanwhile in another corner of somewhere a nasty killing  opens a new story thread. Victor remains as impatient and sarcastic as ever, the mix between the three is a potent one.
JoJo King is following a familiar story arc as the cast are being forced to fully accept their new circumstances and realise that the past is out of reach but still capable of harming them. A team is gradually being forged from the thee individuals as they find surviving, let alone winning will require that they work and eventually trust each other. JoJo King continues to give the cast sharp edges and strong personalities that never get lost. There is a suitable tension between the three as they individually respond to the rapidly escalating circumstances. When Mary makes a disastrous and entirely understandable decision the results develop every bit as badly as they should, the pressure of the conflict means that no one is safe. Because the cast are true to themselves the transitions and developments are natural rather then manufactured and the impact of the conflict are serious and have weight and force.
Adrian9's art is inviting and and pulls the reader into the story. The action is fast and brutal, the quieter moments retain a vital tension as the circumstance press on the cast. The panels are used very nicely to control the story, the splash pages are just as loud as they should be. The body language of Mary and Violet is managed with subtle care and detail, Violets increasing confidence and Mary's doubt and confusion are clear to see without ever have to be underscored.
The letters are great, there is a very enjoyable variation depending on the circumstances, the sound effects are great. They  just capture and emphasise the moment perfectly.
Reapers 3 nails the genre requirements with enough violent action and tension to be very enjoyable, the strong cast mean that the reader is engaged and drawn into the story as well. A great balance.
Chief Wizard Note: This is a review copy very kindly sent by JoJo King. To purchase a copy of Reapers £, and you should to enjoy the deep pleasure of a well crafted comic, it is avalible from  The Insane Comics' Store 

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