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Monday, February 20, 2017

GalaXafreaks 1-4, GalaXfreaks- Dark Vibes 1-4.(Writer & Artist) Andrew Pawley Cosmic Freakout Comix. (2014-2016)

A gloriously engaging and wildly entertaining series that exploits the possibilities of comics with astounding and extraordinary artistic confidence. The GalaXfreaks are creatures of positive energy, thier opponents are creatures of negative energy, they clash and fight over the multiverses that surround us and are within us. The stories are very straightforward,in and of themselves they are the least part of the series, they are used to provide a structure that the real work is draped over.
The language of the comics is a potent hippie slang centering around vibes. It is so over boiled that it should obstruct the reader,it reads like a version of a dimly remember and mostly imagined version of the ways that hippies should have talked in their heyday of the Summer of Love. It should be an unholy mess, what it does instead is prove there are no rules for talent, Andrew Pawley makes it work and makes it vital to the workings of the comic.
It is the totally dominant art that marks this comic as the creation of a singular  and unerring artistic vision. The cast are wonderful variations on human forms, they are full of vigorous energy and engage with each other and the fluid context they move through with intensity. The GalaXafreaks themselves are unexpected, vivid and wholly engaging.
The colouring is probably the most exuberant aspect of the comics, Andew Pawley's mastery of colouring is breathtaking. The glowing range of colours that cover every page are so bright and loud that in any other hands they would drown the story and the cast. Instead they amplify the intent and the action to the greatest possible degree. They are harmonious and expressive, they balance with each other with precision and detail.
Andrew Pawley proves that the devil does not have the best tunes, love and positive vibes get the full throated creative energy that should have. GalaXafreaks are wonderful comics that proudly supports
the idea that a positive vibe is a welcome event, pour the energy into your mind, it will lift you up and remind you that there is always joy to be found.
Andrew Pawley is running a Kickstarter campaign for another GalaXa freaks:Time Songs, where GalaXafreaks serirs 1 and GalaXafreaks :Dark Vibes bundles can be found or purchased from the shop:

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