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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Simple Art of Murder. Marcos Dominguez Garcia (Writer), Horacio Boriotti (Art), Henar Casal (Script). WP Comics (2016)

A engaging and very entertaining noir murder mystery that embraces and utilises the genre staples with energy and confidence. Phillip Conan is a private investigator who acquires a client and a murder and finds that this is only the start of trouble to come.
 There is noting unexpected in  Marcos Dominguez Garcia story, he takes the established elements of the genre and uses them in the same way that lots of others have. The substantial pleasure of this comic is the energy and conviction with which he uses them. The temptation to wink at the audience, to assure the reader that they and the writers are sharing the same joke as the ironic use of cliches is thankfully avoided, the story is treated with the level of serious intent that readers deserve. We know Phillip Conn is going to find his foot caught in a bear trap, what he will do about is is the open question. The set up for this story makes that a very inviting prospect.
Horacio Boriotti black and white art is perfect for the story, there is no ambiguity here it is a story of increasing desperation and the art gives it the edge and definition that it needs. The cast look beaten down before they start, the events are gong to push them further and further. The panel designs increase the tight focus on the cast so that details mount up and until the action explodes with a full page splash that uses red to drive home the point.
The lettering is used with considerable skill to create a nearly audible voice over to the action, it provides a smart commentary for the action, retrospective knowledge that builds and enhances the atmosphere.
The Simple Art of Murder's confident storytelling means the reader can relax into the story possibilities sure that the creators know what they are doing and that the unfolding story will be worth looking out for.
Chief Wizard Note: This is a review copy very kindly sent by Kim Roberts, to purchase a copy of The Simple Art of Murder which you should for the pleasure a really confident noir story brings, you can do so from here,

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