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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Scavenger No. 2. Kim Roberts (Writer), Megan Huang (Art). Markosia Comics (2016)

An excellent second issue in the science fiction comic where plot lines start to emerge and the cast are given a greater depth and complexity.
Aidan find the massacre at Tin City and decides to go to to the Willow Temple to seek for answers. Caleb returns to the Floating City to a heated reception from his father and sisters. Aidan gets information at the temple and Caleb gets unwelcome news. The story moves  forward with grace and force as both the leads are pulled further into the unfolding events.
Kim Roberts has managed a very difficult balance, the plot has been set in motion and the story possibilities have been opened. This has been done at the same time that the leads are given increased depth and development, they are allowed to be more in action and interaction which gives the story considerably more grip and depth. Caleb is boiling in frustration, his mother is asleep and he cannot access the magic that his siblings use, Aidan goes on a search and is massively gullible. The shades of gray are slipping very satisfactorily into the story and the expected confrontation is considerably more consequential because of them.
Megan Huang's art is a perfect complement to the storytelling, it bring out the nuances with the body language and expressions of the cast. There is a joyous lightness to the art that never softens the impact of anger or violence, it places it firmly in its context.  The new members of the cast are individual and so well established it feels as if they have come into the comic with a history already. The colouring is awesome, it is clearly science fiction colours that give an alien context and cast, the soft palette means that the fairy tale underpinning is always subtly acknowledged. In particular the way the colours are used to enhance the expressiveness of the cast and give solidity to the context is a pleasure. The lettering is quiet, understated and so natural that it reads without effort or notice, the sound effects on the other hand are loud and when needed LOUD.
This comic is a serious pleasure to read, two very talented creators working so harmoniously together is one of the opportunities that comics offer readers.
Chief Wizard Note: This is review copy,very kindly sent by Kim Roberts. 

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