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Friday, September 16, 2016

Funny Business 1. "Bootcamp". Qusim Azam (Writer and Art), Usman Azam (Writer and Art) WP Comics (2016)

A very engaging and friendly comic that provides a clever set up with charm and a smartly managed fart joke. Agents Brian and Buddy are sent on on undercover mission to a bootcamp for overweight boys and hatch a plan to get proper food for the boys. The story is every bit as absurd as it should be, there are hints that there is also more going on.
The story is paced like an animated short and the panel layouts capture that rhythm very well, with close encounters and near miss escapes from trouble. The innocent ridiculousness of the story is used to great effect as the hints at something a little more serious slip in comfortably to keep it from floating away. I really like the fart joke, it is used very well and is perfectly set up and timed.
The wonderfully friendly art is a pleasure to read, it cartoony and brightly coloured, it gives the story the light hearted look it needs to succeed. The villi ans are not terribly scary, yet there are times when they can display something darker without ever upsetting the balance of the story.
This is an outstandingly confident comic, the art and the story are delivered with care and attention to detail so that the whole package has the fresh charm and hint of darkness that it needs to get going. The story possibilities are open and the two leads are resourceful and confident, they have enough depth to engage readers of all ages.  Great fun.
Chief Wizard Note: This is a review copy sent by Kim Roberts, to purchase a copy of  Funny Business, you should to see smart comics creators at work and realise just what a pleasure that is, you can purchase it from

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