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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Justice League. Season Two. Warner Home Video (2006)

Creating credible superhero stories is a very difficult task to manage which this box set accomplishes with wit, flair and energy. A group of superheros combine to form the Justice League, they monitor activity from an orbiting space station and battle with galactic and earth bound threats. The action is fast, thoughtful and the team are pressed hard, there is a great deal of work involved in winning. The stories are enjoyably varied and the final trilogy is outstanding.
The animation is first rate, the cast are beautifully designed and the move in a fluid and interesting ways. The female heros are much more slimline than might have been expected and that is very welcome. The male cast are athletic without looking as if they live on steroids. the art overall is excellent, the different locations are nicely detailed and this add greatly to the diversity and range of the stories.
The cast are very developed as characters, they are not simply bundles of superpowers attached to a costumed puppet, they are strong individuals whose actions come from and clearly express diverse personalities. This is used over the course of the season to create and manage conflict and very strong action with the team as they respond to difficult situations and each others reactions. This diversity gives the stories a considerable depth,bite and strong dramatic tension. The writers take full advantage of the possible dynamics of a team to showcase the different members of the team. Great superhero adventues, great animation.

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