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Monday, May 18, 2009

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century 1910. Alan Moore (Writer), Kevin O'Neill (Art), Todd Klein (Letters), Ben Dimagmaliw (Colours). 2009

This is a jellyfish of a comic, spineless, largely colourless, drifting aimlessly and with a bit of a sting. The art, the letters and and the colours are all first rate. The cast are well realised and the fitful action is well done. The problems all lie in the writing and they make a comic that is a unhappy mix of the insipid and insulting. Any story that uses the rape of a female character as a critical plot point is seriously holed beneath the waterline. The off hand use of sexual assault as a quick way to drive a plot forward and provide some kind of justification for bloody revenge is beyond insulting. The moral and imaginative poverty it proudly puts on display is is shameful. It does not shock or dismay me, it just makes me want to wash my hands to remove the taint of nasty stupidity. Special mention must be made of the way some of the cast sing their parts. It had the effect of pushing me out of the story and ensuring that frustration at the ham handedness of the process would keep me out.
For the rest of the story the fabulous cast unveiled in the first two books are reduced to insipid shadows of their former glory. They are nobodies who have no narrative function or momentum and who fill the pages with words that convey no passion or intent. All their wonderful vitality has gone and they have become the League of Dull Public Domain properties. This is a terrible waste of great talents, do not waste your time or money on it.

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