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Monday, January 2, 2017

Toothville issue #1, Kim Roberts, Chris Allen and illustrated by Gabe Ostely. Swamp Line Productions(2016)

Toothville #1 is a current Kickstarter project that closes on Sunday 29.01.2017. Tilda Hillfairy is a failure as a tooth fairy and a sugar miner, this does not reduce or deflect her ambition or plans. Johann Dipplurger is a mad scientist posing as a dentist who is on a direct collision course with Tilda. While Toothville is projected to be a 5 part series the preview pages up at Kickstarter  show that the creators have developed a engaging, funny and very smart comic. The clever updating of the tooth fairy is nicely done, the original fairy tale core is maintained while it is given a smart do over that has exactly the correct level of sharpness. Tilda is engaging and determined, she is also in far too much of a hurry, either as a tooth fairy or in the sugar mines she is bursting with energy rather than care. Johann Dipplurger is exactly the man with a bad plan that a fairy story needs to drive it forward. He proves this when he visits a witch with a bucket of centipedes to entice her into giving him what he wants.
Kim Roberts and Chris Allen create the story with confidence and assurance, the set up is intriguing, the possibilities are enticing.
Gabe Ostley's art is a pleasure, the cast are bursting with personality and energy, the action is loud and big without ever being violent. It captures the balance between the modern update and the dark absurdity of the fairy tale and amplifies it perfectly.
More good comics is a great idea, supporting the production and development of Toothville is a great way to get more good comics.
Chief Wizard Note: I have backed Toothville, you should take a look at the preview and you will see why you should do so as well,

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